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1. Definitions en style area

Every access to and use of the website of Chic Estates (hereinafter jointly referred to as the “Website”) is subject to the present Chic Estates Legal Notice. By accessing and using the Website you automatically accept this Legal Notice. If you do not accept these terms and conditions, you must immediately cease all access and use of the Website.

In this Legal Notice we refer to the person who accesses or uses the Website as either “you”, “your” or the “Visitor”.

Chic Estates reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions on the Website, including the present Legal Notice, at any time, at its sole discretion. It is hence recommended that you regularly re-read the Legal Notice. 

2. Information with regard to Chic Estates

The Website is owned and maintained by Chic Estates with registered office in Calle Melgarejo, nr 71 , 30739 Roda, Murcia, Spain.

3. Contact

For specific, real estate related questions – for instance information about a certain property – please contact one of our following offices. Each real estate listing provides details about the office selling or letting the property.

CHIC ESTATES | Calle Melgarejo, nr 71 , 30739 Roda, Murcia |

4. Description and purpose of the Website

On this Website, CHIC ESTATES essentially provides the following services:

- Information without obligation with regard to the digital services offered on the Website, to the services it offers (including, but not limited to advice and guidance throughout the process of selling and buying real estate, renting and letting properties, condominium management services, etc.) as well as to its offices;

- An overview of all the properties (for sale or rent) included in the listings of the various companies constituting Chic Estates, together with details about each property and information on how to contact the office selling or letting the property;

- A communication platform between you and Chic Estates that you can use for all your inquiries and all other types of communication with CHIC ESTATES;

- A number of interactive services, which are amongst other things intended to inform you and to keep you informed of the real estate listings.

5. Use

If you do not observe these terms and conditions or use the Website for unauthorized or illegal purposes, Chic Estates shall be entitled to deny you access to the Website without prior notification.

6. Languages

This Website is available in Dutch, French and English. All contracts concluded through this Website shall be concluded in Dutch, French or English. 

7. Technical steps to conclude a contract

It is impossible to pass orders or to conclude contracts through the websites maintained by Chic Estates.

8. Real estate listings

Chic Estates makes every effort to ensure that its online real estate listings perfectly correspond with the properties actually available. It can however not be ruled out that properties listed for sale or rent on the Website are no longer available when you visit the Website. Hence Chic Estates’ online list of properties for sale or rent is provided for information purposes only and must be considered as not legally binding. Chic Estates shall not be held liable for the unavailability of one or more products. Chic Estates undertakes to describe and present the properties listed on its websites as accurately as possible. Chic Estates can however not guarantee that certain data with regard to the listings remains unchanged over time. In spite of the precautions taken errors may occur, in which case Chic Estates can in no event be held liable. Photographs and technical data (such as measurements, characteristics, etc.) on the Website are also provided for information purposes only and shall not give rise to any contractual obligations to be fulfilled by Chic Estates. Chic Estates can on no account be held liable based on the contents or the presentation of the photographs on its Website.

9. Prices

The prices provided on the Website are expressed in Euros and are exclusive of any costs, taxes, supplements or duties applicable in Spain, including, but not limited to notarial charges, VAT, if any, and registration fees. The prices provided on Chic Estates’ websites are to be considered as proposals for negotiation with Chic Estates’ client. These prices shall only be binding upon acceptance in writing of your offer by Chic Estates’ client. Chic Estates takes utmost care in specifying the prices. However material errors cannot be completely excluded. Consequently, all prices on the Website are provided under reservation of material errors and incorrect quotations. 

10. Intellectual property rights

By accessing this Website you explicitly acknowledge that the information and data provided are and shall remain the property of Chic Estates. This Website, including its lay-out, texts, logos, images, pictures and other items, as well as its selection and design are protected by copyright, trademark law, software programmes law and database law. All copies or reproductions, public notifications, adaptations, modifications or any other kind of use or exploitation of the whole or part of this Website, in any form whatsoever and with any means whatsoever is strictly forbidden without Chic Estates’ prior written consent. The names, brands, trade names, images and logos used on this Website are legally protected brands and/or trade names owned by Chic Estates. The right to access this Website does not imply the right to use any of the brands or names mentioned on the Website. Without Chic Estates' prior written consent, every use of these names and brands or of any other similar brands or names is strictly forbidden. Any infringement on said rights shall entitle Chic Estates to start criminal and/or civil procedures as it deems fit. 

11. Privacy

Chic Estates attaches great importance to your privacy and to the correct processing of your personal information. For further details on the guidelines and rules of conduct observed by Chic Estates in this respect, please refer to our Privacy Statement.

Chic Estates is also responsible for the privacy of the owners concerning the publication of the documentation regarding properties offered for sale / rent on the website. The specific documents about a property for sale / rent are anonymised in line with the privacy regulation, and visitors of the website need to be registered prior to consultation. The use of these documents is strictly limited to the internal use by candidate-buyers and / or –tenants as part of their interest in a property, and can in no case be copied, distributed or used for any other purpose by the registered person.

On the website we aim at the best possible user experience for surfers. To this end we track anonymous information about user behaviour and mouse movements in particular. Based on those movements, heatmaps are generated in order to enable the marketing department to create a better user expercience on We want to insist on the fact that no session of mouse movements at all can be identified with personal details.

12. Liability

Without prejudice to the provisions of Articles 8 and 9 of this Legal Notice, Chic Estates’ total aggregate liability shall be limited to any direct damage incurred, to the exclusion of all consequential loss or damage. Consequential loss or damage shall be deemed to include without limitation loss of profits, commercial loss, increased costs, loss of data, loss of opportunities, shortages or any other kind of consequential damage. In any event, CHIC ESTATES’ total aggregate liability for damage or loss shall be limited to € 1,000.00. Chic Estates shall not be liable, under any circumstances, for any loss or damage inherent to the use of the Internet (interruptions, viruses, etc.).

Privacy Policy for visitors  

1. The website is under the management of Trinch management contact details can be found on is a trade name.

2. Information from visitors

2A-some data resulting from one or more visits to are permanently preserved, but anonymous. The data will never be traced back to an individual or organization. provides a good protection of the stored data. can the information that the customer provides, inter alia, for the following purposes:

2 c-sending one or more mails such as, but not limited to, a mail in which login information.

2D-The (occasionally) to the attention of a product, tip, ease of use etc., which think it may contribute to a more successful website for the visitor.

3. Cookies uses cookies to store the functionality of certain pages of the website. Cookies are small text files that a website page on the visitor's computer. In such a cookie stores information such as certain preferences of the visitor. As a result, the visitor on your next visit even better. 3B-the visitor can choose how cookies should be handled. He may have browser so that that does not allow the use of cookies, or partially. In the latter case can be set which websites cookies. For all other websites it is then prohibited. This capability is provided by the most common modern browsers.

3 c-Cookies can always be removed from a computer, again via the browser.

4. Questions

Visitors can with their questions about this Privacy Policy, contact Contact details can be found on the website mentioned in paragraph 1 of this Privacy Policy.

5. Disclaimer reserves the right to change the contents of the Privacy Policy without the visitor's knowledge. The implementation of the change on the website is sufficient. The Privacy Policy for Customers is a supplement to the Privacy Policy for visitors and applies to anyone who places a question at

1. Data provided by the customer are can data provided by the client is provided for the following purposes: 1a, the processing of data.

1B - send one or more emails that are related to the information, such as, but not limited to, an email that login information.

1 c (occasionally) to the attention of a product, the tip, the ease of use etc., that Chic think that they can contribute to a more successful website for the client.

2. Information to third parties

Data provided by the customer to will never be passed on to third parties. There are, however, one exception to this rule: 2a-when a court order has been issued to provide data.

3. Security

The data that the client to provide will be stored in a secure environment.

4. Adjustment of customer data

The customer shall at all times have the ability to change the information provided. in such a case, the customer may ask for the change in a manner prescribed by and in some cases can legitimacy be required.