Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How many agents do I contact from my homeland?
    It is best to contact a maximum of 2 to 3 agents contact from your home country. This way you make optimal use of time and work efficiently. Talk a lot with these local agents and test their knowledge. You will quickly know if they have knowledge of the facts.

  2. How can I visit several locations with a realtor?
    There are various types of agents. There are local Spanish agents who don't speak English and only speak Spanish. There are brokers who have a team of different nationalities and languages. There are also brokers who work internationally with a multi-language team and cover very large areas. Chic Estates operates at a range of about 500 km. Chic Estates organizes study tours of 3 to 4 days with guides in your language. Please ask us.

  3. Can I rely on the internet for my search?
    If you do the right searches, you may already get a good idea of the situation, but we recommend to always make several calls before you leave. Only then schedule a site visit before buying a home. There are websites of brokers and there are websites that gather all information and where anyone can post his property. Give priority to the real estate agents where you will find much more accurate information. Request a reference from a customer who has purchased from the broker, this will give you more confidence.

  4. Is a turnkey home a secure purchase?
    Any land or house has a past. Even when you visit a turnkey home, check that all details are in order. This can only be done with a Spanish lawyer.

  5. What illegal renovation / construction?
    There are still houses on the market that were illegally built or rebuilt. Don't be fooled by beauty. A Spanish lawyer will check all necessary documents. A well-known broker can also help you.

  6. How do I deal with buying pressure?
    Take a 24h option on a house before proceeding to the final purchase. It is true that sometimes you do not have much time to decide because there are many potential buyers, but it gives you the time to reflect and be sure of your purchase.

  7. What about advance payments?
    In Spain tey NEVER work with prepayments. Don't be fooled by it.
    Chic Estates is working with private attorneys and knows the tricks of the trade. We ensure your financial security.

  8. How about payments for new buildings?
    First pay the reservation sum to the developer. All further payments will be supervised by your lawyer who also checks all legal documents. Under no circumstances transfer money directly to your broker or contractor.
    Chic only works with lawyers who take the responsibility for ensuring the financial side. This means that all further payments are made to the account of the lawyer and he is responsible for remitting your funds and guarantees financial safety. Not all lawyers do this. In your interest, Chic Estates makes the difference for you and brings you in secure and trusting contact.

  9. How are payments made for resale homes?
    You deposit the reservation and the remaining money to the lawyer. This lawyer will check all legel documents to perfection. See point 8

  10. How many days do I need to visit houses?
    If you buy under € 100,000, expect to visit houses for one day. If you buy over € 150,000, count two days to visit. Before you leave, check different projects in your budget. Per day you can visit up to five houses.

  11. What if my budget is not sufficient for the property / location that I desire?
    When you are surfing on the internet from home, look around on broker websites and check what you can get for your budget. This will give you a first impression of what to expext within your budget. Also make sure that you are not fooled by the Internet. It occures that websites from real estate agents are copied to make you feel confident.
    Go visit different regions or look at some smaller homes or apartments. Spain is a beautiful country with beautiful locations. 95% of people changes his or her idea of what property they want during their search.

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